When you approach into their aggro-range, they will charge at you. This is their only attack, a straight on tackle (similar to other zombies and wisps). They are easily dealt with by just letting a few attacks fly at them (seriously, an Assassin of any level can kill these buggers in only one or two hits).


  • Zombie
  • Tough zombie, a tougher version of the normal Zombie
  • Armored zombie, a zombie with armor, therefor harder than the Tough varient.
  • Elite zombie, a very difficult zombie, dealing whoping amounts of damage and high health.
  • Lava zombie, a very, very, very rare varient of the normal zombie found in the Vulcano, they are as difficult as Elites.
  • Frost zombie, a zombie with little known about it, which spawn in the ice mountains.
  • Zombie Hero, an EXTREMELY difficult version of the normal zombie.
  • Zombie Warior/Ranger, a ramped up version of the Elite zombie.
  • Tainted zombie, about as strong as the Warrior/Ranger.
  • Corrupted zombie, a little weaker than the Tainted and Warrior/Ranger, but still very dangerous.