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A Wisp

Wisps are a hostile mob that appears regardless of the time of day and does not retreat when taking damage.

Wisps appear as magical flying green cubes that have different varieties. Special Wisps are some of these varieties and drop something different according to each type's name


Wisps are flying, green, cubiod creatures that bear a resemblance to slimes. Wisps leave a green, yellow, black, blue, yellow, or red colored trail behind them when they move (depends on type of wisp).


Wisps attack you by tackling you straight on. They will usually come at you in a straight line, although bumping into blocks will change their course.


Types of WispEdit

  • Wisp [lvl 9]
  • Strong Wisp [lvl 13]
  • Golden Wisp [lvl 9]
  • Corrupted Wisp [lvl 20]
  • Wisdom Wisp [lvl 9]
  • Dusty Wisp [lvl 32]
  • Vicious Wisp
  • Sacred Wisp
  • Frosty Wisp (level 11)
  • Icy Wisp (level 11)
  • Water Wisp
  • Ocean Wisp
  • Tainted Wisp


  • Wisps were more common until the Beta 1.1.5 update.