The King
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The King's castle in Port Juno

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Notable features

See Story Elements. Be warned, there are spoilers.

The King is one of of the main characters of the story and plays an important role in the Legend of Notch : Reincarnation.

The King's throne is in his castle in Port Juno and you will meet him there during the main story. The King knows your grandmother, which saves you from punishment for "tresspassing" in her house.

Story ElementsEdit

WARNING: This section or article contains spoilers! Read at your own risk!

During the main story, the king gets kidnapped because he is "The Chosen One" and your task is to free him by tracking down all 4 wizards and defeating them (and Herobrine) to return The King to his throne but then it turns out YOU are the chosen one and you get kidnapped by The King which then you can escape the jail and murder The King.