Sell Merchant
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Quest NPC?



Port Juno's Marketplace

Sells items?




Notable features

He can only be found in Port Juno unlike some of the other Marketplace NPCs.

The Sell Merchant is a man who can be found in Port Juno in the market. You can sell different objects to him for a fair price. Throughout the game you will earn most of your money by selling items to him or killing things.

Sell BlockEdit

If you want to sell your items, just left click the Sellblock in front of the Sell Merchant. (He will tell you this if you right-click on him.)

ATTENTION : Quest items and items not normally found in standard gameplay can not be sold !!!

WARNING : Currently, attempting to shift click items into the sell slot on the sell block will cause the game to crash


Some of these may need confirmation.

Item list & Selling prices
Item Level 0-4 merchandizing Level 5-9 merchandizing Level 10-14 merchandizing Level 15-19 merchandizing Level 20+ merchandizing
Bone 2

Rotten Flesh

Feather 3
Arrows 4
Raw Porkchop 4
String 4
Leather 8
Blaze rod 10
Cobalt Ore 10
Snake Egg 20
Iron Ingot 25
Titanium Ore 41
Cobalt Ingot 61
Gold Ingot 150
Titanium Ingot 156
Mystic Ore 315
Magic Leaf 515
Mystic Ingot 832


Some players have discovered that, if you were to buy, smelt, and sell cobalt ore, you will in fact make a good profit, especially if you mine your coal! As long as you have the money to start it.


If an item is in the sell block and you shift+click it out it will cause Minecraft to crash. The same happens if you try to shift+click items into the GUI from your inventory.