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Port Juno

Port Juno is a nice town in the centre of minecraftia. It is the capital and also the King 's seat. Your grandmother had been living there until she died and you inherited her house.

At the beginning you arrive in Port Juno by ship and decide to begin a new life. A young woman shows you your house and you will get your first task very soon...



Port Juno is a port city founded by a group of fishermen 150 years ago. These people were able to feed themselves by fishing very well and even had enough fish to sell it. So they earned lots of money and could live in wealth. Because of these excellent living conditions, more and more people moved to Port Juno and it developed to a big and beautiful city.

As the setting of The Legend of Notch: ReincarnatedEdit

Port Juno is the main starting area in The Legend of Notch: Reincarnated and is the first place one visits when they enter the realm by ship. Most of the beginning quests start in this area, including when the Player is still a normal Human. The King rules the city until  a certain point in the Storyline.