Titanium Ore Spawners

Ore spawners are special blocks that occasionally spawn an ore on top of them.


Ore spawners look almost exactly like normal stone except for one crucial factor: hitting them causes small cracks to appear. Therefore, if you have trouble figuring out whether a stone is a spawner or not, just hit it with anything (doesn't have to be a pick). Once small cracks appear, you know it's a spawner and just have to wait for an ore to spawn.

Types of Ore SpawnersEdit

Coal - Very Common (level 0)

Cobalt - Common (level 3)

Iron - Medium (level 5)

Titanium - Rare (level 10)

Gold - Very Rare (glitched)

Platinum - Super Rare (level 15)

Mystic - So rare you'll probably have maxed out your levels by the time you find it. Also, to increase their rarity, these ores use the standard stone texture. (level 20)


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