The jungle is a separate land mass off the mainland covered in immense jungle and oak trees. Here, large varieties of mobs roam around, simply looking for trouble. Also, the Jungle Huts are located here, and play a key role in the Water Wizard quest.


The entire area is classified by the game as a jungle biome, and contains a large amount of massive trees, though many trees have oak leaves instead of jungle leaves. The area is fairly difficult to navigate due to the large amounts of shrubs and bushes that litter the jungle undergrowth. Near the eastern coast, one can find the Jungle Huts, where mandatory quests as well as teleporting and alchemy services are available. At the Nothwestern tip of the jungle, there's a massive, mountain surrounded lake where the Water Wizard lives.


  • Gorilla
  • Jungle Zombie
  • Jungle Creeper (glitched)
  • Poison Spider
  • Tortoise
  • Poison Tortoise
  • Snake
  • Flower
  • Water Wisp
  • Ocean Wisp
  • Tainted Wisp
  • Cannibal
  • Dead Cannibal
  • Cannibal Leader
  • Corrupted Plant (player created / spawned)
  • Water Wizard (boss)