Johnny the Jobless
Johnny The Jobless

Quest NPC?



Outside of Port Juno

Sells items?




Notable features

He is never seen alive in the game, as he is found dead when you go to his house to collect taxes from him.

Johnny the Jobless is a citizen of the Port of Juno (or at least under The King's rule). Not much is known about him, except what the King tells you. A cutscene ensuses when you enter his house or come close to it.


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On tax collection day, John didn't pay up his fair share. Slightly worried and annoyed, the King sent the player to check on him and the other late taxpayers. However, while the other latecomers all payed up fair and square, by the time the player reached Johnny's house, he / she found it completely vandalized and Johnny dead. Beside him lay a note with a warning to the king.


  • Collect the taxes from Johnny the Jobless
    • Hint - near the other three, but a bit further away.