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The KingEdit

Faking his kidnapping as part of his plan, the King plans on summoning the legend Herobrine. Finding out that you are about to foil his plans, he kidnaps you from Aldor's tower before crafting the Dark Orb and puts you in jail. After escaping jail (it's really easy), you head down to the throne room and fight the King, now the Dark Wizard. A difficult fight is at hand, and once killed, you must head back to Aldor.

The BattleEdit

A journey to the Farlands, a long journey, far from the land. Head towards Notch's statue to begin the battle. You will die a couple times, so be prepared. Herobrine will start as the size of a normal player and will be shooting fireballs rapidly. Once down a good deal of health, he will become a bit bigger and start to summon skeletons and blazes. At half health, he will become HUGE, so be sure to safespot him in the bridge. He also summons Zombie Heroes,  Zombie Warrior/Rangers, and Corrupt Zombies. Massive amounts of minions will raid you, so don't be suprised. Diamond Armor and Diamond Weapons are HIGHLY recommended.


Notch will appear and will be amazed at your courage. He will summon you to the castle in Port Juno, where the king was killed. Although Notch will not be there, you still have completed the storyline!