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Frank in Port Juno

Frank is a simple NPC with a scarred, battered-looking face. Deathly afraid of Zombies, Frank will offer the Player and optional quest to kill some to help him overcome his fear.


Frank's exact backstory isn't known, but his scarred face suggests that, at some point, Frank was traveling and was waylaid by a gang of zombies. Not knowing what to do, he likely panicked and got mauled before making it back to Port Juno. Ever since then, he has been afraid of Zombies.

Quest (Zombie Smasher)Edit

Compared to other quests, Frank's quest is very simple because zombies are common, are typically easy to dispatch, and the type of zombie doesn't matter. The best strategy is just to wait until nightime and venture outside. By then, small gathering of zombies will have spawned and are yours to mercilessly slaughter!

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