Elite Zombies are armored, level sixteen zombies that attack with iron swords and do not burn in the daylight like their normal and tough counterparts. These undead corpses deal massive damage to unarmored players so be prepared when facing them.


Elite Zombies have normal zombie skin and faces, though their body, legs, and feet are completely covered in a suit of iron plate and mail armor that, unlike an Armored Zombie, is fairly undamaged and almost new looking. In one hand, they hold an iron sword which they use to attack the player (no animation).


Despite being elite, these zombies are still zombies. As a result, they are still quite slow and can't catch up with the player. Therefore, one easy way to kill these undead maraders is to kite them (hitting them while running backwards) until they are dead. The Assassin is the best at this (very high speed that seriously outclasses every zombie), though a mage has the lowest chance to suffer damage (all its attacks are ranged).


  • Coins
  • 0-2 Rotten Flesh
  • 0-1 Armor Remains (rare drop)