A Corrupted Plant is a Semi-Boss that can be summoned by activating a Corrupted Plant (Item) which can be crafted.
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Corrupted Plant Mob


A corrupted Plant can drop up to 4 Magic Leafs which can be used to craft the most powerful weapons ingame.


This Mob has 800 Health and can't move. It attacks with slimy bullets that slow down and fall to the ground. The best way to kill this mob is to wait until it stops attacking. Afterwards, you have seven seconds to attack before it's no longer inert and can attack again. It is very easy to kill if you are a mage: all you need to do is stay out of range of the slimy bullets and just keep shooting at it.


  • This Mob drops 250 Gold Coins.
  • This Mob gives you 2250 Exp.
  • The chance of getting atleast 1 Magic Leaf is 50%
  • It's easy to kill them from long range
  • The bullets have particles similar to those used for the slimes