The mage is a ranged, magic wielding class that also utilizes various magical skills to improve it's combat skills. Because the mage uses ranged attacks, it can simply move out of an enemy's sight range and blast them until they die.

Starting StatisticsEdit

15 Health

60 Mana

10 Attack

25 Defense

1.1 Speed


The mage's main advantage is it's range; instead of having to get up close and personal, the mage can fire bolts at the enemy from afar. In addition, the magical capabilities of the mage are simply extraordinary. Unlike the other classes which all have limited magical abilities, the mage possesses immense amounts of mana, mana regeneration, and magical damage. Another intresting note is that the mage has a base speed of 1.1, making it faster than a warrior but slower than an assassin.


The actual attack power of a mage is pathetic; if a mage were to actually smack an monster, the damage it would recieve would be minimal at best and laughable at worst. Also, the mage is completely dependent on magic. Therefore, if a mage were caught in a situation where it's in combat but has no mana, it would be completely screwed. The final disadvantage of the mage is it's low health of 16. At  16, the mage is the weakest of all classes (surpassed even by the Assassin) and is even worse at melee combat even without taking into consideration of it's mana dependency.


Fire Bullet (Level 0)Edit

This attack fires a single blazing bolt at the enemy. If it hits, it deals the normal amount of damge but will also deal additional fire damage for a period of time. Same rules of fire death applies to all mobs.

Triple Blast (10)Edit

Activating triple blast fires three consecutive attacks in a row (quicker than having to manually blast each bolt).

All Round Attact(20)Edit

This spell fires a magic bolt in all four directions.(North, South, East, and West)

Note: While moving, you CAN hit youeself.