A class defines the skills, attributes, and weapon of your character. Choose the class you think will best fit your fighting style. If your still not sure, ask yourself these questions (yes means you should choose the recommended class):

  • Do I like to destroy everything in my path while rage-pressing my computer keys? (Beserker)
  • Do I enjoy doing the first thing but with more caution and control? (Warrior)
  • Do I prefer mobility to combat skills? (Assassin)
  • Do I snipe enemies from afar rather than getting up closs and personal? (Mage or Ranger)
  • Do I like magic? (Mage)
  • I prefer balance rather than an excellent and a low (warrior)
  • Do I enjoy using the bow in vanilla minecraft? (Ranger)
  • This is my first time playing. What am I supposed to do? ;_; (Warrior)

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