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 Environment and Monsters

Vulcano is a dangerous area with a, as seen in the name, a volcano. There is lava pouring out of the crater of the mountain, with fire spiders, magma cubes, blazes, pig zombies, lava zombies, and fire wisps in the biome itself. The terrain consists of soul sand and netherrack, along with some ore spawners on the top of the volcano.


The Mine in Vulcano consists of some gold ore and redstone ore. Bill, a miner, can be found here, and is useful when before fighting the fire boss, as he gives you a lava crystal, used for creating the Fire Orb.

Ways of TravelEdit

In order to reach Vulcano, you can either use the teleporter, or you can walk there, which can take a considerable amount of time.

Recommended EquipmentEdit

High leveled armor is HIGHLY recommended, iron armor is good enough if you plan on just fighting, while titanium is better, as you can travel through the lava without a single worry. A good weapon, like an iron sword or titanium dagger, is recommended, as the monsters there are pretty strong.