This dust is used to create Arcane tier weapons and armor.


Glowstone - can be purchased from alchemists or stolen from civilians.


Arcane Dust

Magic Crystal - Made from nine magic remains (obtained from any wisp)

As a crafting ingredientEdit

All arcane weapons are created by combining a mystic version of the weapon with 8 Arcane dust like so:


Arcane Dagger

Arcane Sword

Arcane Staff

Arcane Hammer

All arcane armor recipes are as follows (2 Arcane dust, 1 Mystic armor piece, and 1 Armor Remains):

Arcane Helmet

Arcane recipe

Arcane Chestplate

Arcane Leggings

Arcane Boots

NOTE: You will only be able to craft these with a non-damaged piece of armor/weapon! This applies for every tier of armor and weapon past mystic.