Air Wizard is the second boss of the game.


Looks like a mage with a black coat with blue stripes on it. The face seems to have a gradient of light blue to dark and blue eyes.

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The Air Wizard

How to spawnEdit

To spawn him you need an Air Orb and right click the orb on top of the Mountain in the Icy Vilage


  • He attacks you directly;
  • He hits you and launches you into the air;
  • He sends a mage ball at you, and finaly;
  • He explodes and launches himself (and you if you are near him) in the air damaging himself (and you).

Boss Fight TipsEdit

For this boss fight, you will need to be about level 15  -  20 for you to not have to much trouble with him. Bring also some potions (about 3 - 4) and at least Cobalt armor and weapons (about 2 weapons in case one breaks)


This boss has about 590 health


On this version of the mod (Beta 1.1.5), This boss doesen´t drop anything or any experience.

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